The staff of Cerenimbus has been serving Utah for over 24 years, so you can know that we will be here to support you for the long term.

You can meet with an experienced project manager with both an MBA and programming experience who will advise you on how to make technology a competitive advantage for your company. We not only create the application, we also advise you on the design of the program to give the greatest advantage. We understand your business problems and how technology can solve them.

Many who have turned to off-shore programming companies have been disappointed by the results. Don't entrust your application development to someone who does not thoroughly understand American business, culture, and language.

Our hourly rates average $30 per hour, compared to other US companies charging $100 to $150 per hour for mobile app development. We can offer these savings due to our long time connection with offshore resources. You work only with Americans- we take care of all overseas communication. We can also do work on a royalty basis, or a percentage of website sales, depending on the size and type of the project

We can also do your project on a fixed bid basis. Based on a thorough description of the program functions, a fixed bid allows you to directly control your programming expenses.

Services We Offer:

iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet, and Windows Surface Applications
We can develop your smart-phone applications and turn your ideas into reality.

Our experience includes a wide range of applications for the iPhone and Android, covering everything from games to serious business uses.

In some cases we can be paid a percentage of sales or website income.

Web Development
Our team of programmers and designers can create an attractive and easy-to-use web site for any purpose or industry. We have extensive experience in web site programming on everything from a simple content-related website, to a complex database driven application.

We can also modify or repair your existing web site.

Of sample of some of our projects appears on the Home page.

Desktop applications
CCU can also you with your office applications that are not web-browser based. In many cases, a website is NOT the best solution and a high speed desktop program is needed.

CCU has worked on every type of business application from simple accounting, to major inventory and supply chain, to highly specialized applications (such as call center management).

For more information, please contact:
PO Box 736
Orem, UT 84059
Office: 801.805.6752

We have experience in development of many successful mobile applications, including two in the iPhone top 100. We offer affordable development of:

    Android Apps
  • iPhone Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Apps with accompanying website
  • Business Apps
  • Database Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Education Apps

With our reasonable rates, there is no need to go out of the country to non-English speakers for affordable professional app development.

Email now to set up a discussion with an application specialist.

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